• cyber security jobs


    For job seekers looking for high pay, job security and the option to work in any sector and in any state, the cybersecurity field is the place to be.


    The annual cost of cybercrime around the globe will soon reach $6 trillion annually, according to CybersecurityVentures.com. Meanwhile, the list of big-name data breach victims (from Facebook and LinkedIn to Target, Capital One, the Department of Homeland Security and countless more) continues to grow at an alarming pace.


    As cyber attacks continue to increase in volume and tenacity, with ever-changing tactics, the government and the private sector are raising the alarm. In response, there has been a sharp uptick in the demand for cybersecurity professionals across almost every sector.

    cyber security jobs

    Due to this significant talent shortage in a critical area of national security and following the law of supply and demand, those who work in the industry can expect a high cybersecurity salary. For instance, top-level chief information security officers can command as much as $420,000 annually.

    So while it is clear that a job in cybersecurity has many benefits, what are some of the best cybersecurity positions and how do you land them?

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